Curvy girls are great but what if you are not curvy??

Newspapers and magazines today are promoting the ‘curvy girl’ this curvy girl image is shown to make us all realize that having big breasts and a bottom means you are beautiful. We always hear from men how they love having ‘something to hold onto’ with women and time after time girls are told to aspire to love their curves. Shops have also understood how times have changed and that women are now more curvy with the UK average as a 14, but what if you don’t fit into this ‘beautiful’ specification? For example I’m not a size 14, I am an 8-10, I have not got the curves that make women ‘beautiful’ I do not have a chest that I am happy with and my body is not small cute and curvy-its quite the opposite- does that mean I am not beautiful? Does it mean I shouldn’t love my body for how it is and that I should do something to change it? When people say that skinny is ugly it can be hurtful- not every slim person chooses to be that size (I’m sure most like me would kill to have curves) I would just like a change, i would like it if we were not all told to ‘love our curves’ but to love ourselves for who we are and the body shape we are. Stop trying to define beauty into categories and appreciate that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Afterall, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder x


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